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4 Signs Your Carpets Need Professional Cleaning
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4 Signs Your Carpets Need Professional Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is a must-have if you want your carpets to be truly clean and hygienic. It will keep them looking fresh through the years and extend their lifespan in the long run.

But how do you know when it’s time to call in the professionals? In this post, we’ll run through some tell-tale signs that your carpets need to be deep cleaned.

1. They haven’t been cleaned in a year

While you might expect this post to list several types of dirt and stains to look out for, the truth is that carpet cleaning needs to be undertaken on a regular basis. If carpets are left to get really dirty, it’s usually too late for carpet cleaning to have its full effect.

The vast majority of carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned at least once a year. With that in mind, the best way to tell when your carpets need cleaning is simply to check your calendar. Work out when your carpets were last deep-cleaned – and if it’s coming towards a year, it’s probably best to book in your next appointment.

2. You can’t get a stain out

Similar to the point discussed above, stains become harder to remove the longer they’re left. That’s especially true for carpets, where dirt or liquids are bedded in by footfall. Because of this, it’s best to arrange a professional carpet clean as soon as possible whenever your carpet is stained.

Whether it’s a glass of wine, Bolognese sauce, or muddy paw prints from your four-legged friend, a professional team of carpet cleaners will have the best chance of removing it for good – but only if they’re called in promptly.

3. Feeling uncomfortable?

Carpets that are visibly dirty and discoloured are sometimes beyond retrieval. But it’s not just the appearance of carpets that cleaning aims to remedy. As the months pass, carpets gather dust, pet fluff and pollen, all of which can trigger allergic reactions or cause respiratory issues.

If you’ve noticed any itchiness, discomfort or trouble breathing, you carpet may well be to blame. As such, these symptoms are a good early warning sign that it’s time to get your carpet cleaned.

4. You’ve tried cleaning them yourself

The final sign that your carpet needs to be professionally cleaned is when you find yourself attempting to deep clean it yourself.

Whether you’ve tried a carpet cleaning powder, concocted a homemade solution or rented a carpet cleaning machine, chances are your carpets won’t come out as expected. But at the same time, it shows you’re aware of the need for cleaning.

Don’t cut corners with DIY options. A professional, deep clean of your carpets is the best way to keep them fresh.

Specialist carpet cleaners in Derby & Nottingham

If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, and want to get your carpets cleaned by the best, don’t hesitate to contact the carpet cleaning experts at All Seasons Clean. From spilt food and drink to pet debris, we’ll eradicate all the nasties that have accumulated in your carpets to leave them looking, feeling and smelling fresh.

Our process is fast drying with the latest cleaning technology and products, and all quotes are tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation quote.

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