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DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning: Explaining the Differences
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DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning: Explaining the Differences

Everyone wants clean carpets in their home. But even without any major spills or stains, carpets can become quite dirty as the months pass. Pet hair, dust, insects and dirt or debris from shoes or feet all have an impact on your carpets over time.

To keep them at their best, you’re faced with a choice – DIY cleaning or a professional service. Read on as we explain the difference between the two.

A note on vacuuming

DIY carpet cleaning comes in various forms. The first, and most basic, is vacuuming. This is an essential job for all carpets and is recommended at least once a week. Carpets in high-traffic areas like hallways or living rooms should ideally be vacuumed more frequently.

Doing so will remove hair, crumbs and other debris from the surface of your carpets before they get walked on and trodden in. What it won’t do, however, is clean the entire carpet. From dust and dirt to the husks and faeces of insects, there are plenty of hidden nasties that vacuuming can’t reach.

Put simply, while vacuuming is still essential for your carpets, it doesn’t replace the need for a deep clean.

Cleaning by hand

The next option is to clean your carpets by hand. This is useful when you need to remove stains quickly after a spillage or other accidents by pets and kids. However, it’s definitely not recommended as a replacement for deep cleaning.

Using DIY mixtures and methods to deep clean larger carpeted areas will leave them both wet and unclean. Without the proper equipment to dry your carpets, you’ll suffer from damp carpets and the smell that comes with them. On top of that, many of the pollutants you were trying to remove will be left festering in the fibres of the carpet.

What about rented machines?

Finally, there’s the advent of rented machines. Nowadays, there are various machines available to rent, which are presented as a cheaper alternative to professional cleaners.

The likes of Rug Doctor are advertised for roughly £35 – but you’ll also need to factor in the cost of fuel to pick it up, chemicals to use alongside it, and your own time to collect everything and get the job done. Already, the cost advantage is slowly fading away.

With a professional carpet cleaning company, you get a fully trained technician to do everything for you – to the highest standards. You also benefit from the best chemicals on the market. Above all else, rented machines are no match for the state-of-the-art hot water extraction machines used by professional cleaners. Issues with rented machines include:

  • They don’t heat the water enough to kill all germs and bacteria.
  • They don’t extract enough of the water they put into the carpet to clean it.
  • They often leave sticky residues in the carpet.
  • Their soaps and stain removal products can also create light spots on darker carpets.

It’s no surprise that many landlords and domestic customers simply aren’t happy with the results. Only then will they turn to the professionals, who may find it harder to achieve the best results after a sub-par machine has been used.

All in all, your money has been wasted and you’re not far from square one.

Pay for quality, don’t pay twice

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, the best advice is to go with reliable, reputable carpet cleaners from the get-go. Cutting corners with DIY products and machines simply won’t clean your carpets properly and could even leave them looking and smelling worse.

All Seasons Clean combines carpet cleaning expertise, the latest technology and the best products with a fast-drying process, so you’ll always get carpets that are fresh and clean the first time around.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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