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How Carpet Protector Really Works

Using a carpet protector can prolong a carpet's life.

Read our latest post to discover how a carpet protector works and the benefits...

New Carpets – Protected

Most new carpets have a ‘protective treatment’ applied to them at manufacture or by the store. Although this invisible coating is NOT ‘bulletproof’ you will benefit from a special ‘Triple-action’ that…

  •  Repels liquid spills
  •  Resists damage to the fibres
  •  Releases dirt and grit from the carpet

Dirty Carpets

Your carpets are under a constant attack by soil, pollens and allergens in the home.  These are trapped and held in the carpet as if it were a filter for your home.  Unfortunately grit in the soil will rub against the fibres when you walk on the carpet and scratch the protector.  Luckily this damage is only to the protective coating. So, with cleaning, the carpet can be restored to a ‘like new’ condition.

Damaged Carpets – After Cleaning

Without regular professional cleaning and renewing the protective treatment, the dirt & grit starts to cut like knives directly into the fibres, deteriorating their appearance and causing irreversible damage, so even with the best cleaning system possible the harm can not be removed. In addition without regular cleaning the spills, ‘airborne’ pollens and allergens penetrate deep into the carpet.

Regular Cleaning

It is recommended, for both the health and appearance of the carpet, that the average family, have their carpets professionally cleaned every 12-months … although you may not see the soil you’ll be amazed at the build-up of harmful dirt and grit in the base of the carpet.  This will stop the grit from removing the entire protective coating and preventing, long-term damage to the fibres.


Re-protecting your freshly cleaned carpet will reinforce your carpets original ‘Triple-action’ protection shield by…

  1. Repelling liquid spills, allowing you time to mop them up to keep the carpet looking great longer.
  2. Resists damage to the fibres giving you longer lasting carpets, which saves you time and money replacing them.
  3. Releases dirt and grit from the carpet making it easier to vacuum clean and keep healthy.

Protect, your carpets and you’ll protect your investment, saving you time and money from not having to replace the carpet and make your home healthy and the carpets beautiful for years.


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