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Is DIY Oven Cleaning Worth the Effort?
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Is DIY Oven Cleaning Worth the Effort?

Regularly cleaning your oven will help help to extend its lifespan, improve efficiency and avoid constant smoke and bad smells. But at the same time, your oven is one of the hardest things to clean in your home.

In this post, we weigh up whether you should clean your oven yourself by answering three questions – how hard is it, does it work, and is it really worth it?

How hard is oven cleaning?

For those who haven’t attempted a deep clean of their oven, there are a few factors that contribute to it being an unpleasant job.

First of all, there’s the physical difficulty. You’ll need to be down on your knees for a long period of time, with oven cleaning taking upwards of an hour for DIY cleaners. That includes a fair amount of leaning, reaching and hard scrubbing to remove burnt on food and greasy residues.

On top of that, there’s the smell. Ovens are an enclosed space, which can make it really difficult to bear the chemical smell of cleaning products. Even the most resilient of people will need a break to get their breath back.

Does it work?

Hard work is often justified when you see the results. The same can be true with a clean oven, whether that means cooking without unbearable smells or looking through a crystal-clear glass oven door to see your own cake rising.

Unfortunately, the kind of stains and debris you’re dealing with in an oven don’t come off easily. Anything that’s been burnt on time and again will naturally take some effort to remove – not to mention the best cleaning products.

DIY oven cleaning may work if it’s done on a regular basis, such as every month or two. It may also be effective if you want to spruce up your oven in between professional cleans. However, as a standalone, infrequent job, cleaning your oven yourself doesn’t generally have the best results.

Is it worth it?

So, you’ve spent over an hour scrubbing away. Your back and arms are aching. Your head’s a bit woozy from the cleaning fumes. All just for your oven to look a bit cleaner than before. Was it worth it? Probably not.

That’s especially true when you compare it to professional oven cleaning. Your oven is spotless from top to bottom, without the need to lift a finger. The effective deep clean is only required once or twice a year and adds a protective layer to your oven’s surfaces going forward.

Find out more about professional oven cleaning

With prices starting from as little as £15, having your oven, hobs and extractor fans professionally cleaned is an affordable and hassle-free way to keep your kitchen looking great and smelling fresh. That’s exactly what All Seasons Clean has been doing for hundreds of customers throughout Nottingham and Derby.

If you have any questions about our oven cleaning services, or would like a free, no obligation quote, simply get in touch with our team on 0115 772 2513 (Nottingham), 01332 492 513 (Derby) or [email protected].

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