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Why Does My Oven Smell When I Use It?
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Why Does My Oven Smell When I Use It?

Ovens are a must-have for any home – and many commercial properties too. Given how essential they are, it can be incredibly frustrating when they let out an almighty smell. After all, you can’t just avoid using your oven.

In this post, we’ll dig a little deeper into what’s behind that smell – and how to stop it blighting your home.

What’s that smell?

The oven is one of the most hardworking appliances in every home – used day in, day out to bake, roast or even grill. When doing so, it’s only natural that small amounts of fat, grease, oil and food particles will stay behind.

Over time, these foody residues and debris can build up inside your oven. Whenever the oven is heated, they’ll be heated too. Fat will turn into grease, which can coat your oven at the bottom, while small pieces of food will stay behind and burn. Invariably, that leads to smoke with a bad smell.

The importance of tackling smelly ovens

While you might think that debris and build-up will burn away, it only gets worse. The result? Your home kitchen, living areas and even bedrooms are left stinking for several hours at least. The smell can also transfer to hair and clothes.

Even worse, you can become used to it. According to Science Focus, the human nervous system has evolved to become less sensitive to a stimulus, the longer it persists. Put simply, you or your relatives could be heading out to work, school or the shops smelling like a dirty oven.

On top of all that, the root cause of a bad smell can even pose a safety risk. If it’s left to build up, fat and other debris can lead to a grease fire, where grease ignites on contact with an oven’s heating elements. We don’t have to say any more about how damaging that could be for your home and your family.

How to prevent your oven from smelling

There are two ways to stop the smell of your oven from overwhelming the rooms around it – cleaning and ventilation.

Having your oven professionally cleaned will remove all of the residues, build-up and debris from your oven. Most importantly, it will do so for every corner of your oven. That goes beyond DIY cleaning, with most people unable to get to all of the different elements in their oven – and also unable to remove the most difficult, burnt-on substances.

Secondly, there’s ventilation. This is a good practice when cooking, even if your oven is clean. Switch on your extractor fan whenever your oven is in use and, where possible, open a nearby window too. This will stop your kitchen and the rooms around it smelling of food, as well as preventing moisture being trapped inside your home.

Eliminate the smell from your oven

If you’ve noticed your oven letting out a smell whenever it’s in use (or even when it’s not), the team at All Season Clean can help. Operating throughout Derby and Nottingham, we clean all types, brands and models of oven to the same sky-high standards.

Domestic or commercial, your oven will be left sparkling clean to the eye -and odour-free whenever it’s used. Get a quote today to take the first step towards a fresh, clean oven.

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