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7 Parts of Your Oven That Need to Be Cleaned
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7 Parts of Your Oven That Need to Be Cleaned

Dirty ovens can cause a bad smell, heath issues from smoke, and even a risk of fire. But it’s not just a case of scrubbing down one section. There are several parts of an oven that need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep things fresh, functional and safe…

1. Bottom of the oven

What goes up must come down. That’s why it’s only natural that the bottom of your oven can become pretty filthy. Bubbling sauces, dripping oil and grease, and runaway bits of food can all fall to the bottom of your oven, where they’ll become a charred mess over time.

2. Back and sides

With your oven used day in, day out, the back and sides can also get their fair share of dirt and grease building up too. When fat and oil get hot, they can spit. That’s down to water within them turning into steam, kicking up and taking some grease with it.

3. Oven door

The same is true for the door of your oven. You’ll definitely notice the build up of grease and grime if your oven door has a glass window. That also makes it one of the most satisfying aspects of a professional oven clean.

4. Oven shelves

There are several reasons why oven shelves can become dirty. Dirt and grease can transfer from the pans and trays that are placed on them. In some cases, food will be cooked directly on them. They’re also susceptible to the runaway food, oil and other spillages mentioned above.

5. Grill tray

With food cooked directly on the grill rack and fat dripping into the tray below it, this is easily one of the dirtiest parts of any oven. Grills must be cleaned regularly to avoid grease fires and excessive smoke, but an annual deep clean is also necessary to remove burnt-on residues.

6. Heating elements

Whether it’s the burner at the bottom of a gas oven or the elements at the top and bottom of an electric appliance, the heat source for your oven is another area that needs to be cleaned regularly. That said, these parts should be treated with the utmost care, and not tampered with by anyone other than a professional.

7. Fan blade

While it might seem trivial, a build-up of dirt and grease can stop your oven’s fan blade from working properly. As a result, the fan blade should be taken off and cleaned as part of a thorough job to make sure everything continues to function properly.

A comprehensive clean for your oven

At All Seasons Clean, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning ovens throughout Derby and Nottingham. Going far beyond the parts you see, our team will perform a full strip down including the back panel, heating elements and even the fan blade.

As well as your oven, we can take care of hobs and extractor fans to provide a comprehensive clean for your cooking area. To find out more or get a quote for your oven, contact us today.

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